Those who choose to travel are drawn to unfamiliar frontiers. They open their eyes and heart to the world, allowing themselves to be educated by the people and cultures they meet. Untold Roads is here to share those experiences so that it will inspire others to do something that is worth remembering.



Hvar & Dubrovnik, Croatia

Right before that awkward moment when you arrive into a new country or city and realise you had researched everything apart from how to get from the bus terminal, train station or ferry port to your hotel… there is a wonderful feeling of anticipation and excitement the first time you cast eager eyes across the landscape of your next adventure.

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Rajasthan & The Golden Triangle

Northern India

Ok - for some people, travelling around Northern India and driving some 2100km in thirteen days covering 7 cities during the scorching month of August may not be considered the ideal honeymoon break but

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San Fran by Night

San Francisco, USA

Living in a city exposes you to the intricacies of your human life and culture. At night, these are more apparent. The following are specimens from my exploration of a lively San Francisco night.

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Factoria De So

Mallorca, Spain

From a dusty turn-off along a Mallorcan road between Santa Maria and the beautiful village of Binisalem, you may find yourself in this standard industrial estate thinking, ‘that Spaniard who gave me directions was talking bollocks’, but continue through and you....

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Video: Schweden


A VW Bus Road Trip crossing west, middle, east and south sweden in the early summer 2012. 4.200 Km. Göteborg, Stockholm, and Europe's last wilderness. If you have the chance to visit sweden, do it - its such a nice thing, to camp wild, near by one of the many....

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Photo Essay: The Wakhan Corridor


In his article about his journey through Tajikistan and Afghanistan Glen Downton talks about the teams final destination, the Wakhan Corridor. He has kindly shared with us the images he captured along the way. Giving us an insight into want he and the Secret...

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Tajikistan & Afghanistan

Tajikistan & Afghanistan

Dushanbe looks like what it is. Which is the capital of what was once the poorest and most southern extent of the old Soviet Union. One of "the 'stans", Tajikistan has at least a reasonable ratio of consonants to vowels. In the post-Soviet mid-90s it...

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Kumbh Mela

Ganges, India

Even before I has set out for India, the assortment of jags and potions I endured in order to protect me from an array of exotic illness, thrilled the living daylights out of me. I was headed for the Kumbh Mela in India. A religious festival, it was billed...

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Drenched to the Bone

Northern California's, USA

The first thing I did after leaving the trail head parking lot at Black Sands Beach was, ironically, to take off my pack, sit down on it—and then remove my hiking boots. The thought of feeling the sand between my toes was just too exquisite to pass up...

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Cyprus IV

Cyprus, Greece

Some people say you can never really appreciate a city you visit unless you live in it. I suppose it’s true. You become familiar with every nook and cranny of it; this involves not only knowing where to shop, eat and drink but also determining your haven...

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Humble Beginnings

Amsterdam, Holland

I remember it as if it was yesterday, the smell of beef dripping filled the air, floating above the tankard of amber liquid plonked invitingly on the table in front of me. This was my first real ale, and I would later discover it would be my first taste of real...

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Photo Essay: Paris

Paris, France

Paris is the most visited city in the world with over 15 million tourists visiting each year. A few years ago, I was one of those tourists. But those 4 short days was not enough for me. When I finished school, I decided to move to Paris for 4 months to study French.

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An Englishman in Seville

Sevilla, Spain

'Oranges, oranges everywhere, but none that you can eat'. I moved to Sevilla a year and a half ago from the North West of England to ply my trade, essentially doing the same job with better weather, and I’ve quickly found myself settled with a good mixed group...

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Rangoon, Burma

I was warned off going to Burma by concerned fellow travelers. But those warnings only increased my curiosity. You can only fly in, as the borders are shut. After booking my flight from Bangkok, I head for Rangoon. You land at a completely quiet, empty airport.

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Charley Boorman Interview

London, England

With an intrepid spirit Charley Boorman has built a career around adventure and travel. As modern day adventurer he has undertaken some incredible journeys. He has crossed continents on motorcycles and travelled from Ireland to Australia using a......

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King Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh, Scotland

Arthur's Seat: (n.)A collection of beautifully immense hills which make it a fragment lover's paradise. After consuming my weights' worth in Asian cuisine and numerous marmalade filled biscuits, Qiao-An and I decided on a morning run up Arthur's Seat.

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Expedition in the South Sudan

South Sudan

The team for Secret Compass' first expedition of 2012, 10 days in the remotest parts of South Sudan, up mountains and along rivers, began to coalesce at Nairobi Airport as various connecting flights arrived to meet the once-daily...

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Photo Essay: Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is not beautiful or pretty. It's everything but. If you wander off the touristy hot spots, it gets pretty dirty, smelly and poor. Germany's capital has double the unemployment rate than the country's average and that fact...

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Richard Grant Interview

Tucson, Arizona

Richard Grant is an author who suffers from chronic wanderlust. Chronic wanderlust being "a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel". Unable to stay in one place for a long period of time Richard takes to the road.

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Summertime in the Rockies

Alberta, Canada

Most people think of Banff, Alberta and will picture a small touristy town, not overly populated with residents, surrounded by sky soaring ski slopes, shops selling only souvenirs and winter warmers, with skis and bindings modelled in every window.

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Long Treks on Skate Decks Interview

Peru & Bolivia

In 2009 Paul Kent, Aaron Enevoldsen and Adam Colton took off across South America with their backpacks and longboards. They faced a gruelling journey of uneven road surfaces and uphill pushing but their determination and sense of humour kept them going.

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Goa Into the Unknown

Goa, India

Booking a job in another country is a bit like winning the lottery, you're being paid to see somewhere new and amazing. That is if you actually do see the place and not a haunted hotel room, a studio and an airport, traveling to all three under the cover of darkness.

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Cautionary Tales From the Tracks

Irkutsk to Omsk, Russia

I recently began daydreaming about leaving home again. I decided that for my next trip I should take off for two months. Hopefully that will be enough time to traverse the northern coast of Africa, snake off into the Middle East....

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Oslo, Norway

While eating a falafel on my way home from Simon's house, baked out of my mind, I decided to venture down Brenneriveien on my way home to munch out on a massive skolebrød in front of some crap television, the venture was not common...

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Quest for Sleep

Las Vegas, the French Pyrenees, & Paris

The real attraction to the road, for me, is the challenge of tackling its unpredictability. Standing there with my thumb out on the side of some forlorn country highway, or braving the chaotic blur of a cross-country interstate...

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Vincent Urban Interview

Malaysia, Thailand, Laos & Cambodia

In January I caught up with Vincent Urban the creator of the 'In Asia' series. We managed to get some time with him whilst he was still in Buenos Aires preparing for his next adventure. us cities.

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The Comfort of Strangers


I emerged from the metro at Montparnasse Bienvenue to a grey & cloudy sky. People passed me as I walked slowly, looking around me. I wasn't sure what direction I was suppose to go and for some reason was embarrassed to take out my map.

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Untold Roads is LIVE!


Untold Roads HQ

I am extremely happy to say Untold Roads is live. The last few months have been hectic but brilliant. Plenty of late nights and long emails. Through this project I have met, and been in contact, with some fantastic people.

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